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Once a relatively sleepy suburb on the shores of Moreton Bay, Real Estate in Wynnum has seen an increase in popularity simply because of the lifestyle the suburb has to offer. Although mangroves and mudflats make up the shoreline, Wynnum has spectacular bay views and breezes, playgrounds, a water park, a jetty, plenty of walking tracks including the Wynnum Mangrove Boardwalk, Pandanus Beach and its famous heritage listed wading pool.

More reasons to consider real estate in Wynnum

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Wynnum is a suburb very popular amongst families because of its outdoor lifestyle and nature and wildlife thanks to the mangrove reserves. Trendy cafes have started to appear over the years including a must have for any bayside suburb, fish and chips. Wynnum has access to several primary schools, two public high schools and Iona College. Close by in Manly and Manly West, there is also Moreton Bay College and Moreton Bay Boys College. There is a library, a good-sized shopping centre and community centre as well as a huge off-leash Dog Park at Elanora Park.

For those working in the CBD, Wynnum is an easy 20-minute drive via the Gateway Bridge or 30-minute drive via Wynnum Road. For a shortcut to the Gateway Bridge, try taking the Port of Brisbane Motorway. If public transport seems the easier option, Wynnum has three railway stations on the Cleveland line.

With Wynnum’s history dating back to the late 1800s, the suburb is a mix of pre-war and post-war homes, many of which have been renovated, older style apartment buildings, modern apartment complexes and new luxury modern homes, many with views over the bay. The property demand in Wynnum matches the average demand in Queensland with Wynnum West being marked as one of the 29 Brisbane suburbs to watch in 2019.

Real Estate in Wynnum West

The former suburb of Lindum was merged with what is now Wynnum West and Lytton in the 1980s. Inland from the coast of Wynnum, Wynnum West is the affordable yet ‘less attractive’ cousin of Wynnum, but that shouldn’t deter savvy home buyers. Wynnum West is close to sports venues, has plenty of bike paths and walkways, direct access to the CBD and still close to the lifestyle offerings of Wynnum. The average house price in Wynnum West sits at under $550K which is very affordable considering being only 13 kilometres from the city and only four kilometres to the bayside.

Real Estate in Lytton

Situated next to Wynnum is the commercial and industrial area of Lytton. Real Estate in Lytton is primarily made up of warehouses and factories, and the suburb is home to the Lytton Oil Refinery at the North East end. Fort Lytton, built in 1881 to guard the mouth of the Brisbane River, is also located in Lytton and is a national park. The Port of Brisbane Motorway runs through Lytton and Hemmant where it connects with the M1 at Murrarie to go over the Gateway Bridge towards the city or South to the Gold Coast.

The Port of Brisbane

You can’t miss the Port of Brisbane as you fly into the Brisbane Airport. Located next to Lytton and accessible via Port Drive, the Port of Brisbane is Queensland’s largest port followed by Gladstone and Townsville. The Port of Brisbane is located on Fisherman Island which was originally reclaimed from the former group of Fisherman’s Islands. The closest residential suburb to the Port of Brisbane is Wynnum West, an ideal location for workers at the port or in the neighbouring commercial and industrial areas of Lytton and Hemmant.

If you’re looking to live near the water for under $700K, Brisbane’s bayside is where you can do it. Real Estate in Wynnum will allow you a bayside lifestyle while being close to cafes, shopping centres and the city.


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