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Currently Seeking Lifestyle and Travel Contributors!

Been somewhere AMAZING?  Could you take ten quick minutes to share your experience with travelers and new Queensland arrivals?

Calling all Queensland bloggers, nomads on the road, and local experts to contribute short pieces on the amazing things you’ve seen.  We’re not after commercial reviews (no, we absolutely DO NOT WANT TO KNOW ABOUT YOUR SOLAR BUSINESS).  Tell us your beaches, bushwalks, historical landmarks, and reef adventures…we’re all ears!


Seeking Property Industry Expert Contributors

Want to contribute to Queensland Property Experts? We welcome authentic contributors with unique insights into the Queensland Real Estate market. Our real estate blog is unlike any other in Queensland, offering insights across the state for buyers, sellers, residents and visitors.  We believe every city, every town and every postcode has something unique to offer, and we’d love to learn more about yours!

What kind of expertise are we looking for?

We want well written, easy to read, unique insights from experts in the following industries:

  • Queensland based Real Estate Agents
  • Queensland based Mortgage Brokers
  • Queensland Buyer Agents
  • Real Estate Bloggers based in Australia
  • Experts from Affiliated Industries
  • Queensland Property Flippers
  • Queensland Building and Development Industry
  • Regional Queensland Lifestyle Contributors
  • Travel Bloggers who LOVE Queensland


What kind of blog contribution is considered “sponsored content”?

Want to publish some “sponsored content”?  If you put in a submission that is ALL ABOUT YOU, NOT ABOUT HELPING OUR AUDIENCE, it will be rejected.  We do however offer sponsorship opportunities for the RIGHT businesses:

  • Must be Queensland based
  • Must have a STELLAR reputation
  • Must have a Google Compliant website – no spammy sites welcome (we will check)
  • Sponsored content will be produced by OUR team, at a cost to you
  • Sponsored content remains live for one year, we reserve the right to remove sponsored content at any time with cause.
  • Sponsorship packages start at AU$250 + GST.  Get in touch to find out how we can work together.


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