Meet Our Team of Queensland Property Experts

Our contributing team of experts are here to answer your questions and give authentic advice about your next big investment. From retiring to Queensland, to investing in a FIFO town, to making the regions your new family home - we're here to provide you with all the information you need to make the move in Queensland.

Queensland Real Estate Blog - Moving to Queensland? Get Expert Tips on Buying and Selling Property in Queensland

Kylie Loof

Real Estate Expert

Kylie Loof is a leading Queensland real estate agent focused on market trends and expert negotiation tactics.

Janine Mergler

Education and Family Lifestyle Editor

Janine Mergler is the publisher of Queensland Families Magazine and her previous roles include roles in Education at Queensland University of Technology, in Queensland schools and as a magazine publisher in the United Kingdom.

Joe Rantino

Plumbing and Drainage

Joe is our tradie expert on commercial and domestic flooding and drainage issues

John Salmon

Energy Efficiency

John Salmon has spent three decades researching sustainable tehcnology and sourcing Queensland's most efficient appliances.

Karen Perry

Travel Expert

Karen Perry has spent 40 years travelling Australia on roads less travelled and works in the off road travel industry.

Jennifer Hetherington


Jennifer leads the law firm Divorce Hub and is our expert in Queensland law and negotiation.

Andrew Mackintosh

Building Inspector

Andrew's a qualified builder with three decades' experience in building inspections in Queensland. Andrew's personally inspected over 20,000 Queensland properties for investment risk.

Stephen Cochrane

Painter, Renovator and Decorator

Stephen is the principal at one of Australia's longest running Painting and Decorating firms.

Keith Jacobs

Queensland Pest Specialist

Keith Jacobs is a third generation specialist in pest-related risk management for Queensland residents and business.

Christina Carleton


Christina is our expert in all things tax and finance and her specialty is tax effective property investment.

Ben Klatt

Skills Shortage Training

Ben bring decades of experience upskilling migrants to Queensland, from within Australia and abroad. Ben's work in both Queensland Government and private sector brings unique insights to regional issues.

Kelly Thomas

Regional Business

Kelly is a Local Buy Certified Regional Marketing Expert, working with City Councils to achieve goals.

John Perry

Queensland Regions Specialit

John Perry has spent 40 years taking the road less travelled. He's a specialist in off road exploration and knows Queensland's regions like the back of the hands on his steering wheel.