Budget Buyers: Is this Queensland’s BEST Tree Change Option?

North Burnett Tree Change

“The Regions” formerly a vague term for anywhere north of Noosa and West of Ipswich, were the focus of a property boom during the “plague years”. Now that the Covid new normal has settled in, there’s been a slowing, but not a halting to the interest in regional living. It’s not just city property prices, it’s the new “work from home” normal and a firm wish to avoid that “crowded” lifestyle of before. Now that the boom is less, boomy, there are plenty of Queensland locations to get yourself a bargain tree change property, without missing out on comfy conveniences. The greatest opportunity of them all?

North Burnett

North Burnett is a green, river region filled with families and recreational opportunities. It’s the perfect location for a tree change without missing out on life’s essentials. It’s an idyllic location for raising “freerange kids” and is well set up for families. The best bit, the median house price is UNDER $200,000 so your meagre deposit may just be enough to get on a property ladder!

Median House Price 2022: $192,500

Location: West of Hervey Bay approximately 3 hours from Bundaberg by road, 2.5 to Gympie and 3.5 hours to Noosa.

Connectivity: NBN Access

Schools: There are eleven schools in the general area

Health: There are six small hospitals in the area

Closest Major City: Gympie

River Life: North Burnett is located close to the beautiful Wuruma Reservoir, Paradise Dam, Mingo Crossing, Cania Dam, Jones Weir, Claud Wharton Weir – in short, it’s a river region and with that comes plenty of water views and access making it a popular destination for boating, camping, fishing (including big barra!), water sports and picnicking.

Wuruma Dum North Burnett
Image: Wuruma Dam, northburnett.qld.gov.au/visit-north-burnett

Hiking Life: Nestled in amongst the FOUR spectacular and diverse national parks, the area is utterly ideal for bushwalkers, native animal lovers and serious hikers. Being in the centre of rivers and mountains means spectacular 360 degree views all round.

Foody Life: North Burnett is a fertile farming region growing mangoes, citrus, grapes, blueberries, pecan nuts, avocadoes, peanuts, watermelons and pumpkins. And you’ll be able to access all the fresh produce, as well as the essentials at the local high street shops and the plethora of local farmer’s markets. What, no Kmart? You’ll need to plan for a trip to Gympie if you want to shop like a city slicker! It’s all about local in North Burnett. Locally sourced foods, at locally owned cafes and restaurants and locally run food stores.

History and Culture: The area boasts some lovely old architecture and local historical sites. The council has invested in bringing more art and culture to the region, including a host of festivals and social events.

So why is North Burnett SO CHEAP?

It’s rare to find a median house price under $200K anywhere in Australia these days but when you do, the view outside is likely pretty flat and a wee bit dusty. So why is this scenic paradise so cheap?

It’s far enough

If you can do a return trip to a capital city in a single day, you need to add $100K to the price tag. That rule doesn’t apply here…. While it’s not thousands of kilometers far, 3 hours to the nearest city is far enough to put some city buyers off, with them opting for closer locations like Lockyer Valley (with it’s $600K average price tag) over further flung locations. So, what it loses out in conveniences, it makes up threefold in price!

Of droughts and flooding rains

Like the rest of Australia, North Burnett has been impacted by the recent floods. Located on major river systems makes the region vulnerable to flooding, especially during la nina periods. With an economy largely centred on the rivers, the area is also vulnerable to drought periods.


Not far north, you’ll find a plethora of mining communities, driving up demand and pricing on properties. North Burnett also boasts some mining infrastructure but is predominantly about the farming. With drought and floods comes poor farming seasons and a weaker economy.

Is there a real estate agency in North Burnett?

Of course there is. If there’s a house, there’s an agent, right?

There are several real estate agencies in North Burnett, servicing specific townships in the region. My favourite is one that simply must be mentioned here:

Burnett Livestock and Realty

Gotta love a one-stop-shop. They mostly do large properties but there are plenty of real estate agents in the area to help you find your ideal tree change property.



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