STOP! Don’t Renovate Away All the Granny Chic Interior Design

16E Quay St, Bundaberg East

Put down your paintbrush, and step away from the carpet dealer! Granny chic interior design is about to be back on trend.

Before you renovate your granny chic home, it’s important stop and consider how you can make classic features work in your space. You could be looking at the next big thing in the design world!

Why should you leave the busy wallpaper and nana carpet alone? Read on to find out!

Granny chic is totally in

That’s right. Granny chic interior design is making a comeback! From clothing to curtains, patterns are on trend, which means you can make the most of bold design features.

Once upon a time, bright wallpaper and busy carpets might have sent you running for the renovation checklist. But today, you can turn traditional into trendy! Plus, your reno cash can go to your decorating budget.

Whether your new home has statement light fixtures or classic kitchen colours, you can make the old new again without stripping your property of the features that make it unique. Granny chic is here to stay!

Patterned Queenslander properties

Now that you know the value of Nana’s design flair, you might be looking for a new granny chic property to practice your vision.

There are plenty of pattern-loving Queenslander homes to choose from!

What about these funky walls and floors in Maryborough?

39 Lennox Street, Maryborough

Or these fancy kitchen fixtures in Bundaberg East?

16E Quay St, Bundaberg East

A wallpaper wonder in Tiaro?

12 Price St, Tiaro

Or these fun seventies-style carpets in South Gladstone!

12 Agnes St, South Gladstone

With one of these granny chic properties, you could secure great home features, plus a home loan bargain!

Instead of renovating, try…

Next time you’re tempted to pick up a paintbrush, STOP! Your property’s granny chic interior design features could be the key a great new home look.

Instead of turning to sweeping renovations, focus on smaller décor details. Try a new rug, table, or artwork that responds to existing patterns in your home’s fixtures.

While granny chic design can take some getting used to, it’s about to be popular again – and for good reason. Classic style is back once more, and you can make it work for your property, helping avoid the stress and expense of a major renovation.

Talk about a win-win!

Want some expert advice on all this granny chic? Contact the Queensland Property Experts today to find out how we can help.


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