Sydney to The Gold Coast – Covid Inspired’s new Tide of Sea Changers

sydney to gold coast

Thousands are leaving the restrictions and chaos of Sydney’s COVID landscape to flock to the beautiful beaches and sunny outlooks of the Gold Coast’s ‘promised land’. What’s driving the move and what does it mean for new arrivals?

Sydney to Gold Coast – The Big Shift

Interstate migrants are making the Gold Coast home in a drastic move that’s spiralled since the insanity of restrictions and case numbers that has held Sydney at ransom for much of 2020 and 2021. Those who are seeking safe haven have flocked to the north in a move to foster a peaceful lifestyle, a welcome seachange and to make the most of a welcoming climate for investors, owners and renters.

Quarantine means that this pace is slowed down somewhat but it is not a deterrent for those seeking calmer waters. Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has sad that the state is being “loved to death” by those coming from elsewhere, particularly those making the trip from Sydney to Gold Coast.

The Gold Coast is an area primed for growth that is supported by healthy infrastructure projects, new building divisions and areas, a steady renting population that’s not going anywhere and the capacity to grow and expand. It’s a prime time to buy in South-East Queensland and the Gold Coast is the pick of the litter.

Growth Soars

Gold Coast Mayor Tom Tate has decreed that interstate migration has grown by a staggering 18,000 people per year – with estimations that it may well climb towards numbers like 25,000. This is a highly significant figure and it’s one that’s sure to have current owners of investment properties on the Gold Coast twiddling their thumbs as they wait for the cows to come home. This is big news and could mean GREAT things for those holding onto investment properties waiting for that perfect purchaser.

Buying Big in Queensland

Those fleeing southern states and cities like Sydney to the Gold Coast (and the greater South-East Queensland region) are supported by great investment opportunities, a considerable return on investment and the fact that this is a state that’s willing to take in anyone! There’s never been a better time to buy up big in Queensland and this currently immigration influx goes to show that this truly is the state of choice.

A Word to the Wise…

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