Tree & Sea Change: Rockhampton, Yeppoon, and Great Keppel Island

Great Keppel Island on Queensland Central Coast, near sea and tree change towns of Rockhampton and Yeppoon


Every year, more Australians are choosing to leave the city to embrace a sea and/or tree change. What does that mean? When you ditch city life to embrace a quiet, coastal life, that’s a sea change. When you leave the chaos of the city behind to go country or mountainous, that is a tree change 

It’s all about embracing a slower pace of life, enjoying a smaller community, and striking a healthy work/life balance. If you want to give your children a better life, change careers, find a new challenge, start a new business, or need the freedom to explore, a change will do you good. But before you pack everything up and make such a major life change, consider what you want to change and how the move could help you achieve that goal. A sea or tree change can provide you with more affordable housing, cleaner living, new and exciting career opportunities, community, nature, relaxation, and a change of pace.  

If you are ready to make the sea and tree change, then there are three stunning Queensland spots that you can’t afford to overlook. Before you can make the change, you need to do the research. So, what does each of these hotspots have to offer? 

From our Expert John Perry:

I’ve spent decades traveling to, and through Capricornia for both work and pleasure, and it really is the most remarkable landscape and lifestyle.  It’s friendly, it’s warm and reef to the east and vast open spaces to the west make it a magnificent place to visit. What’s more the economy in Capricornia, particularly Rocky and its surrounds, is solid. Built on more than just a single mine. Close enough to a capital to have full access to services, but far enough away to offer all the lifestyle benefits.  It’s overlooked, and frankly, I think the Rocky area is underrated in terms of bang-for-buck investment.


House for sale in Rockhampton - time for a tree change

It’s one of Northern Australia’s oldest cities and Heritage walks and historical sites make Rockhampton a great place to live. It is also an excellent spot to pick up affordable land if you want to build your dream house from the foundation up. In Rockhampton City, the median house price is $239,750 and in West Rockhampton, it’s $300,000. Most homes in West Rockhampton are owner occupied, and the predominant demographic is childless couples. In Rockhampton City, the predominant demographic is in their 50s and there are more rental homes than in the west.  

Ultimately, it’s all about Rockhampton for the work. But it makes a fantastic base to explore the wider area. If you want to get away to the sea and explore, then Great Keppel Island is a drive or bus trip and a ferry away.  


House for Sale in Yeppoon - time for sea change

From Rockhampton to Yeppoon, what’s the fuss about? Where better than Yeppoon for the lifestyle? Just over 40km from Rockhampton, you will find the coastal town of Yeppoon. It’s famous for its tropical climate and stunning beaches. Yeppoon has a population under 10,000. It is a popular destination for retirees and tourists, and it could be the residential area of your dreams.  

Yeppoon has median home prices of $532,500. It’s almost a 50/50 split between rental homes and owner occupied properties, and it’s a popular spot among people in their 50s and young childless couples. It provides the perfect balance.  

Great Keppel Island

If you are looking for adventure, where better than Great Keppel for the weekends? Also known as Woppa or Woppaburra, Great Keppel Island covers 1308 hectares and has 17 pristine beaches for anyone who wants to satisfy their sea or tree yearning. It offers everything from snorkelling to hiking and more.  

It’s also located just an hour’s drive from the major airport in Rockhampton and only 20km from Yeppoon. In addition to several resorts to choose from, you can stay in a tent or a cabin, or rent a private cabin. There is also a heritage-listed building in the Leeke Homestead.  

Breaking Free to the Sea and the Trees

Before you make your final decision, be sure to visit and enjoy a short holiday to get a feel for the area. Take a look at the weather forecast year-round and check out the local amenities. Is there work available? Will you have all your needs met? Check out the health facilities and be sure to talk to the locals.  



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