Movers Brisbane – What to Look for When Moving Across the Street or Across the State

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Your move is a big deal.

It doesn’t matter if you’re going down the street, over to the next suburb or if you’re moving from interstate. Each and every move is important. These are your treasured memories, your precious possessions and (yes, let’s admit it) your boxes full of you’re-not-quite-sure-what.

Choosing the best movers Brisbane has to offer is a decision that’s fraught with peril. There are lots of AdWords campaigns, LOTS of different companies and lots of… dare we say, potentially dubious reviews out there. There are lots of variances on cost, equipment and travel time. It begs the question…

Which movers in Brisbane should you choose?

What to Look for in a Moving Company

You need to look at what your moving company has to offer when compared to the kinds of services that you’re looking for. Short move requirements will be very different to long haul moves.

With a long move, you do have the option of ‘back loading’ which means that your belongings will board the truck as it’s heading back to its original location. This can be a great way to save money.

You could also, potentially, do the move yourself with a hire truck that has different bases in different cities (EG. Sydney to Brisbane). The issue here is that you’re completely liable should anything go wrong and you’re not as ‘covered’ as if you let the professionals do it.

Talking Local Movers

Consider the issues you may face on the day. A lack of packing material or a shortened window of available time may leave you red faced and upset on the big day.

We pride ourselves on really delivering for our clients. Be it providing packing tape and bubble wrap or working out of hours, we do what we can to really get the job done. Xtra Care Removalists, South-East Queensland 

Watch the Walls!

You need someone careful – not just a couple of uni students keen to get back to the pub. Choosing a professional mover who will respect your property both on the way in and on the way back out is vital for your piece of mind.

It’s obvious in preparing pre-purchase inspection reports whether or not care has been taken with a property. It’s important to use professional, well-respected and well-reviewed help at all times to ensure your investment is always protected. Andrew McIntosh, Action Inspections. 

Want more expert opinions? Consult our panel! 


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