GUEST POST : Gen Z Will Influence 40% of Travel by 2020!

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This quick post is republished with permission from our expert partners at The Tilma Group – Queensland’s Experts in Regional Tourism.

Gen Z will influence 40% of travel by 2020!

Virtuoso surveyed its expert travel advisors on the hottest trends in family travel and the results are just what you’d expect: experiential travel is hot!

Some of the biggest family travel trends are in active and adventure trips, educational trips and cultural immersion.

Gen Z is the next generation influencing family travel. This generation, born since the beginning of the 1990s, will make up 40% of consumers with disposable income to travel by 2020 (Source: Digital Tourism Think Tank).

Gen Z is seeking

  • unusual destinations (being well-travelled)
  • adventure and active experiences
  • cultural immersion for enrichment and learning
  • experiences and beautiful visuals to share on social media
  • trips personalised to their interests
  • boutique and private accommodations
  • and they’re travelling with multiple generations of their family for connection.

What does this mean for investors in regional Queensland?

Gen Z are waiting with excitement for regional Queensland to really open up for them. It’s a challenge for business owners, and new arrivals to these areas, to craft or enhance existing culture to shape it to be something that will attract these new, younger dollars to the region.

Whether that be putting on festivals, opening up old attractions with a new spin or crafting more adrenaline-pumping outdoor activities – regional communities are sitting pretty upon a veritable gold mine of opportunity. They just need to figure out how to access it.

How do you promote an event on social media?

If you want Gen Z to come, you must build the social media following. They’ll then enhance that following and suddenly – you’re viral!

Eventbrite has the following tips for using social media to promote your upcoming event or attraction.

  • Choose to use the social networks that your intended audience are using
  • Carefully choose, and carefully use, your event hashtag
  • Give your social media platforms an upgrade and an overhaul
  • Make some noise on Facebook – have a Facebook event that you can use to spread information and sell tickets

Social media, when used wisely, can mean the different between your event going gangbusters and crickets. A carefully thought out and executed social media plan can make all the difference when it comes to hosting a successful event and building a brand.
Dana Flannery-Hayes, Key Strategist, Talk About Creative


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