The Modern Design Trends that CAN GET IN THE BIN!

Terror-Cotta - terracotta floors are a modern design disaster

We’ve all been there, drinking in a stunner of a new property – all modern features.  Nothing but luxury appointed bits and bobs everywhere.  Not all modern design trends are worthy of those extra dollars in the offer price.  Yes, it looks beautiful.  Yes, it’s totally on point. Nope.  These modern design trends can go straight in the bin.

Glass Freestanding Sinks Can Eat a Bag of Bricks

Glass sinks are modern design disasters

Beautifully renovated bathroom with modern freestanding glass sink.  Oooh.  Looks lovely.   At the open home.  Two minutes into using the sink and suddenly you can see everything going on under and behind it.  If ever there was a “Non-Feature” in a home, it’s the grot that accumulates behind a sink.  Icky.

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Black Tapware

Black sinks, black tapware, custom designed to show off every smudge.  They’re a great idea if you’re someone who likes to clean a bathroom EVERY. DAMN. DAY.  Got kids?  Here’s a “shit photoshop” impression of your brand new black tapware after a single use by a 7 year old.

Black Tapware can go in the bin


Flat-topped Stoves of Death

Pull a hot dish out of the oven.  Put it on this stove top.  Die in your sleep.

Modern designed stove tops are death traps

Flat stove tops look soooo streamlined and pretty.  They turn on with the touch of a button.  That touch can come from a warm finger, a warm oven tray or even a drop of stray water from a boiling pot.  All good if you’re the type who doesn’t have a wine while you cook, have no pets/kids, have excellent and constant attention to detail.  Otherwise, this is the stove top of death.  Extra bonus points if you get a smart oven that “warns you” if you’re standing too close.  A constant beeping if your body comes within an inch of the oven. Nothing like an alarm to remind you that you’re fat while you cook up some carbonara!

Wooden Floors in Wet Areas

Wooden floors in wet areas are a modern design fail

Ask your building and pest inspector about wooden floors in wet areas.  He’s grimacing before he even starts the inspection.   Yes, there are wooden floors that survive in wet areas – for a time at least… but they’re super duper expensive and there’s every chance your seller is dodgy AF.  They may look pretty, and totally ON TREND RIGHT NOW but they’re going to look like a very expensive car crash in no time.

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Terror-Cotta – Oh HELL NO

When you start to see Pinterest boards dedicated to terracotta flooring, you know that the bad trip you took in 1994 is coming back to haunt you.  For 30 years we’ve been regretting this shiz.  Why, oh why would anyone want to bring it back?  THIS WILL DATE.  Those who do not read history are doomed to repeat it…  TRUST ME. This look will date faster than a Narcissist on the rebound.

Terror-Cotta - terracotta floors are a modern design disaster


What the property experts say about modern design

Just because the property you’re looking at is “on trend” doesn’t mean that trend is a good investment.  Trends are just that.  Something that will be very much out of vogue in five years.  If you want a good modern design, look for homes with a good neutral palate that can be updated with modern design touches.”

Melanie Grace, Stagency Interior Styling


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