Buying your First Home in Brisbane

Buying a home in Brisbane

You’ve read up on the grants, found a solicitor, spoken to the bank, you’ve adjusted your expectations down… you’ve moved your dream suburb wish list out a few kilometers, you’re a Brisbane first home buyer. With the excitement of making an offer on a new home, some first-time home buyers may overlook the importance of a quality inspection. Be the wise ones who don’t get caught out, ensure you’re making informed decisions about your investment! Learn more about why you need a pre-purchase building inspection here. 


An impartial, comprehensive pre-purchase property inspection is an essential part of your property purchase decision. A good quality building inspection report will show that the property is safe, compliant and free of damage. Knowing the true condition of the property you’re looking at will help to avoid any unexpected repairs and give you bargaining power with the seller. 

By choosing an independent, local inspector who knows the area well, you can trust that your building inspection will be thorough and exhaustive. 


Undetected pest damage can be highly detrimental to your new home, so the importance of a trustworthy pest inspection is paramount. A termite infestation can undermine the structural integrity of your home, making it unsafe and leading to costly repairs. Don’t compromise on a trustworthy, in-depth inspection of your Brisbane property, it’s not worth the risk. A reliable pest inspection is a small price to future proof your new investment. Action Property inspections specialises in building inspections. It is beneficial and convenient to have building and pest inspections carried out on your property at the same time, and we are happy to coordinate with an independent, specialist pest inspector to provide this service. 

Location Specific

If you’re buying your first home in one of Brisbane’s more problematic areas, you should go beyond a building and pest inspection and do a deep dive on the property and its potential problems.

  • Talk to the neighbours, ask them about the property’s history – is there a history of bad tenants or neglect?
  • Call an insurance company and ask for the insurance rate on the property.  Is it higher than similar properties in the area? Ask if it’s had claims for flood or other damage that causes high premiums.
  • Buying in a bush fire or flood zone?  Seek advice from local tradies. “After more than 20 years working in this area, I can tell you I wouldn’t buy a property in certain suburbs without getting someone in to check on the backyard drainage, the state of the pipes and hidden damage caused by the floods” said John Salmon, Plumber North Brisbane.
  • If you’re buying in a development or planned area like North Lakes or Forrest Lake, check the history of the development, look for complaints about the build and local infrastructure, and check out the developer to be sure they’re reputable.
  • Buying an apartment with a body corporate, make sure that you get a full disclosure report and that your inspector is allowed to access roof cavities, utility rooms and do a visual inspection on any concrete.  This may require a specialist inspector.




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