Nambour Spotlight – A Beautiful Up and Comer on the Sunshine Coast

nambour outlook

The once sleepy town of Nambour and surrounds (including Bli Bli, Mapleton and Kiamba Montville) has certainly come a long way from the days of the old Big Pineapple. This gorgeous area really knows how to turn on the charm and is now one of the go-to destinations when it comes to investing and principal places of residence.

What is there to know about Nambour?

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This is an area that’s just about exploding with beauty and untapped promise. When it comes down to brass tacks, the (at the time of writing, things change fast!) average price of a home in this area is around the mid $400K mark, with rentals coming in fast at roughly $400 per week. These low prices, considering the proximity to the more popular Sunshine Coast destinations, make it a savvy investment decision for the would-be purchaser.

This area is primed for families. There are the Sunday drives, the potential for exploring, the fun, family friendly activities such as nearby Australia Zoo, the afore-mentioned Big Pineapple (which has gone through a dramatic overhaul in recent years) or the adorable Ginger Factory. Cafe after cafe promise delectable delights and with local shopping centres on hand, there’s just no need to go anywhere else! And the parks are endless and teaming with opportunities for a good old fashioned picnic.

nambour park

This is an area that has it all but without the hustle and bustle of some of the nearby bigger towns. With a population nudging 12,000 you’re going to expect to make friends with your neighbours and take advantage of that ‘small town’ vibe that makes coastal living so spectacular.

The Sunshine Coast – Why Not?

The Sunshine Coast has long been heralded as the sleepy cousin of the bustling Gold Coast. This is a location that prizes relaxation and family friendly vibes over casinos and bright lights. There’s something in the air here – a sense of peace, calm and zen. Lower house prices, more potential for expansion and renovation, proximity to great schools – surely there’s something in the water here that’s seeing a rejuvenation and reinvigoration of an area once only known as being a detour on the way to Caloundra.

Why not see for yourself?


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