Investing in Brisbane? How Do Building and Pest Inspections Work?

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First time buying in the South East?  Brisbane building and pest inspections are a bit different to a regional inspections as you’ll need to be “on it”.  To make sure they get the very best, most buyers have chosen their building and pest inspector, BEFORE they go to an open home. Securing a qualified and competent inspector is your first priority, as this is a big investment.  Brisbane’s building inspection industry is made up of veteran builders dedicated to the job, and franchisees who have done the inspection short course.  The difference in the inspection results can be staggering. Booking your building and pest inspector the DAY you make the offer ensures you have the best possible inspector, so you’ll have all the information you need to follow through with the purchase.

Where is the property?

Brisbane building inspectors generally cover “greater Brisbane” which includes Brisbane city, suburbs and surrounding satellite cities of Ipswich, Redlands, Logan and Moreton Bay Region. Some may also offer services on the Gold or Sunshine Coast.  A pro inspector will already be familiar with the area and know of any “traps” to look for.  Brisbane sits on a bed of clay, so some suburbs are more susceptible to subsidence and structural faults than others.  Brisbane is impacted by floods and bushfires – not to mention cockroaches and termites – depending on your chosen suburb.  A veteran inspector knows all this going in.

Building and/or Pest Inspections

In Brisbane you can opt for a combination building and pest inspection, or for two individual specialists.  Why split?  By focusing a report solely on their area of expertise, you receive a thorough, specialist inspection report.  It doesn’t sound vital but it could result in tens of thousands of dollars in savings on the offer price.





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