Dipping your toe in the Ipswich property market in 2024? You are definitely NOT alone!

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The last number of years, under the stormy clouds of the pandemic, have yielding some surprising results when it comes to the Queensland property market.

What we have seen has been a significant influx in the amount of people moving from southern states to our sunny shores. In fact, it is estimated that the year ahead will see close to 60,000 new Queenslanders arrive. This figure has a HUGE impact on what is already a heated property market. This will require significant investment and improvements in infrastructure, education, the health system and the job market. This is ABSOLUTELY the time to consider what your next moves will be when it comes to the Queensland property market.

But there’s a surprise in store…

Ipswich Property Market

Little Ipswich – the city that could!

If you can believe it, certain suburbs in the city of Ipswich (chiefly Ripley but there are others) have seen a population increase of 20% in just ONE year.

Imagine the possibilities as an seller or investor! This dramatic influx of population means that property values are soaring and are set to soar even higher than anyone could have anticipated. This population increase saw people moving into housing developments as well as 15% of new arrivals coming from interstate.

This is already a wonderful city with so much to offer and herein lies the opportunity. How will YOU best take advantage of the current climate?

House prices are on the rise. Development projects are well underway. Schools are straightening their ties and preparing for a dramatic increase in their cohorts. Housing values are rising at an incredibly fast pace.

Will This Last?

It is difficult to say. The market certainly does not look like it will be slowing down any time soon. It is difficult to make accurate projections given the unsteady nature of the climate in which we find ourselves.

What we do know is this. If there was ever a time to strike while the iron was hot, it’s now. Ipswich and surrounding areas are experiencing growth like never before. No longer the little cousin of Brisbane – Ipswich is a city of its own and this influx of population and potential purchasers heralds a new dawn for sellers and investors alike. These people need to live somewhere – why not make it your business to be a part of these exciting changes?


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