How to block out Brisbane! Create an oasis with this ONE tip.

Buying a home in Brisbane

We went on the hunt for a way to block out the Brisbane sun and lift our properties into the stratosphere when it comes to design and comfort.

Catching up with Jo from Blinds Plus Awnings and Shutters was absolutely eye opening and exposed us to a wealth of ideas we hadn’t considered when it came to designing and living in the somewhat tumultuous South-East Queensland climate.

Here’s our exclusive conversation with her. You’ll see why we’re as excited about this potential facelift as we are!

How can we create a little hideaway in a big city like Brisbane or the Gold Coast?

Jo filled us in on how we could transform our homes and squeak out a little more comfort as well as privacy.

“Block out blinds can cut the heat, sun and glare INSTANTANEOUSLY. They’re the key to cutting out neighbourhood noise whilst providing comfort and security. Block out blinds in Brisbane and the Gold Coast are a fantastic trend that we are seeing more and more people jump on. Our blinds and awnings are almost walking themselves out the door!”

Ziptrak Interior Translucent and Blockout Blinds

“This is a fantastic product that we’re proud of. We can provide COMPLETE darkness – if you’re a shift worker or a new parent you understand the importance of this aspect! These products are completely and 100% opaque and are made to last. They’re specially crafted to enable great ease of use and they’re designed for the climate – meaning they’re tough and reliable!

Creating Privacy

“Worried about the neighbours seeing in? Worry no longer! Shutters can create privacy as well as adding a touch of class to any space. You can almost create a whole other room in your home in terms of usability and comfort. We call this the ‘oasis’ effect – it’s almost a sanctuary and our products can complement any home.

Awnings For Security

“Our awnings are either controlled or automated, meaning you have extra security and peace of mind. They’re a great way to not only block out harsh rays but to uplift the face of your home and provide a much needed touch of style and class.”

Thanks Jo!

Thank you so much for allowing us to pick your brains Jo! This gave us some style inspiration and we’re excited to see what our readers can come up with. Jo professionally fits a full selection of blinds Brisbane and Gold Coast wide. Call her today for an obligation free quote on 07 3287 9181.


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