Townsville By Caravan: Your Complete Guide to Visiting

Caravan Parks and Off Road Camping in Townsville.

By Karen Perry, Travel Expert

Welcome to caravanning in Townsville! A dynamic city in North Queensland, Townsville offers a variety of experiences that will make your caravan adventure truly unforgettable. Surrounded by lush landscapes, stunning coastlines, and abundant wildlife, Townsville is the perfect backdrop for your next exciting journey.

From waking up in your caravan to a breathtaking sunrise to exploring the islands, enjoying a leisurely day at the beach, or hitting the off-road tracks for an adventure – there’s something to suit all travelling types.

We have been lucky to spend extended holidays in Townsville and the surrounds.  We love the area so much that we’ve even set up shop here.  Townsville’s had some difficult times in the last decade, so your visit is doubly important for our local community.

Before you set off to discover the wonders of caravanning in Townsville, here’s what you need to know.

Where to Stay: Townsville Caravan Parks

We love off road camping but sometimes it’s nice to pull up at a caravan park and enjoy the facilities and restock the van.

You’ll find various caravan parks catering to different tastes and preferences, including pet friendly caravan parks Townsville. Here are a few of the top picks:

Discovery Parks Townsville

Discovery Parks Townsville offers a variety of accommodation options, including cabins and powered and unpowered sites. The park features a swimming pool with a slide, waterfall, playground, and games room. The facilities are wheelchair-accessible, and dogs are welcome.

BIG 4 Tasman Holiday Parks – Rowes Bay

This park boasts a prime location with beachfront views of Magnetic Island. Ideal for families, it offers basketball and tennis courts, a giant chessboard, a swimming pool, a lending library, and various kids’ activities. Accommodation includes cabins and powered/unpowered sites, with seasonal dog access.

BIG 4 Ingenia Holidays Townsville

BIG 4 Ingenia Holidays Townsville is a resort-style caravan park with a large pool, water park, mini-golf course, playground, and a licensed poolside bar. It caters to families, offering cabins and various site options. The park is dog-friendly.

BIG 4 Townsville Gateway Holiday Park

BIG 4 Townsville Gateway Holiday Park offers a family-friendly atmosphere with two pools, a TV and movie room, and various accommodation options. The park is dog-friendly and caters to different setups, including tent campers and Big Rigs.

Townsville Lakes Holiday Park

Townsville Lakes Holiday Park is ideal for lakeside camping, offering ensuite sites by the lake. With a pool for cooling down, it caters to both grey nomads and families, allowing dogs. Standout features include lakeside views, an ensuite option, and a relaxing pool.

Coral Coast Tourist Park

Coral Coast Tourist Park is a green park with shaded sites, offering a nice pool and a TV room with Foxtel. It accommodates cabins, powered/unpowered sites, and is one of the most popular pet-friendly caravan parks Townsville.

Coconut Glen Van Park

Coconut Glen Van Park is a budget-friendly option with mixed reviews. It is near a highway and train line and offers various amenities, including a pool. It caters to different preferences, making it a cost-effective choice for travellers seeking a no-frills experience.

Bluewater Caravan Park

Bluewater Caravan Park offers large sites surrounded by nature, making it a peaceful choice. It has a well-appointed camp kitchen, open fire pits, and a pool, so it is suitable for short and long stays.

Townsville Eco Resort

Townsville Eco Resort stands out for its eco-friendly approach, treating wastewater on-site. It offers a heated pool, spa, and a renovated camp kitchen with a flat-screen TV. Its unique features include wetland surroundings, an adults-only pool, and eco-friendly facilities.

This isn’t the place to book if you’re travelling with kids or dogs.  This is one of our favourite stops in Townsville as it’s off the beaten path and is full of magnificent natural features. We’re usually found off road camping but this is the best place to enjoy the off road lifestyle without the off road challenges.

Townsville Tourist & Lifestyle Village

Townsville Tourist & Lifestyle Village caters to travellers over 50, providing pull-through bays, dog off-leash areas, and two swimming pools.

Black River Stadium Over 50’s Tourist Park

Black River Stadium Over 50’s Tourist Park offers large, spacious sites within a secure environment. With a focus on inclusivity, it hosts various activities, and standout features include an inclusive community, security features, and social activities for over 50s.

Camping Townsville: Caravans Magnetic Island

Magnetic Island is located around 10km off the coast and is unique and stunning. Is it accessible for caravans, though? While it isn’t your typical RV destination, this is part of the appeal, and there are plenty of camping sites where you can set up.

To get to Magnetic Island with your vehicle, Magnetic Island Ferries is the only option, offering a 20-minute ferry ride. Camping permits are mandatory, and advanced online booking is recommended.

Once there, head over to popular Horseshoe Bay or visit Nelly Bay–Arcadia Trail and Geoffrey Bay, where you can snorkel around a WWII plane wreck. You can also caravan or camp at Maggie Corner Farm, Hidden Corner Magnetic Island, BE Magnetic Island, Barefoot Island Escape, and Pete’s Lookout, each providing unique experiences and facilities. Selina Magnetic Island is one of the most popular locations, offering a unique island retreat atmosphere with on-site amenities such as a bar, cafe, yoga deck, and CoWork room.

Off-Roading Near Townsville

Back on the mainland, and if you crave off-road adventures in between comfortable caravan park stays, there are several 4×4 tracks Townsville in the area. These provide varying levels of difficulty and excitement, ideal for thrill-seekers.

We love taking the van off road but as always, we advise checking the local conditions before hitting the “not-so-open road”.  Our experience of these off-road caravanning destinations, while towing a caravan has been mixed. Townsville’s weather can change road conditions very quickly, so always, proceed with caution.

Paluma Range Bluewater Track: Conquer the Rainforest and Mountains

If you’re an experienced thrill-seeker looking for a challenge, the Paluma Range Bluewater Track (55 km) will take you through the lush rainforests and towering mountains of the Paluma Range National Park. You’ll face rough terrains and water crossings, but the awe-inspiring vistas will make every challenging moment worth it.

Hervey Range Road: Scenic Beauty Meets Adventure

The Hervey Range Road (125 km) provides stunning views of the surrounding countryside, offering an ideal blend of beauty and adventure. The gravel and dirt sections provide a bit of thrill without being too overwhelming for less experienced drivers.

Mount Spec Track: Conquering Heights

For adrenaline junkies and seasoned off-road veterans, the Mount Spec Track (21.7 km) is the ultimate test of your skills and determination. This challenging track leads you to the summit of Mount Spec, where you’ll be rewarded with panoramic views that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Dalrymple National Park: Versatility at Its Finest

Dalrymple National Park has a range of 4WD tracks, suitable for all levels of experience and preference. From the easy-going Black Mountain Track (30 km) to the thrilling Valley of Lagoons Track, this park caters to both novices and seasoned adventurers alike.

Palm Island and Hinchinbrook

An Aboriginal autonomous territory, Palm Island is not a typical tourist destination but rather a place of significant cultural importance. It’s accessible via a 1 hour and 45 minutes ferry service operated by SeaLink North Queensland from Townsville.

Unlike conventional holiday spots, visiting Palm Island requires adherence to established protocols that respect and preserve local cultural values. These protocols guide appropriate behaviour and etiquette when interacting with the Indigenous community. If you’re keen on experiencing the local culture, consider taking a guided tour.

Remember, visiting Palm Island isn’t about ticking off a tourist hotspot but about embracing a unique culture and way of life. Approach it with an open mind, respect for cultural protocols, and a genuine desire to learn. The Palm Island protocols can be viewed here.

Hinchinbrook Island, on the other hand, is a popular destination – though it isn’t overrun (yet). Accessible only by private or commercial vessels, you’ll find a huge range of activities like hiking, kayaking, fishing, and snorkelling in the waters of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

It’s home to the globally renowned Thorsborne Trail, a 32 km walk that takes about four days to complete, with camping options. However, permits for this trail are highly sought after and require advanced booking. Day trips and guided tours, such as the Zoe Falls Guided Tour, offer alternative experiences. You can’t take your caravan there, but it’s worth the visit if you have time.

It’s important to note that the island is receiving a $3.2 million makeover from the state government (2024+), including redesigned campsites, added amenities, and an upgraded Thorsborne Trail to accommodate more hikers and introduce new commercial guided tours. So, get in quick, before it becomes less secluded.

Where to get your Caravan Sorted in Townsville

If you have trouble with your caravan or camper while you’re in the area, don’t stress – there are several places to go for caravan sales Townsville or caravan repairs in Townsville.

The Caravan Hub, CaravanMart, and Nomad Caravan Repairs offer various services and products to keep your van in shape. However, the arrival of JAWA Campers, Off Road Campers and Caravans in Townsville has been a game-changer for the local scene.

Designed for all Australian conditions, JAWA products are perfect for both seasoned adventurers and families planning their first camping trip. The new showroom offers a wide range of options, from caravans and campers to motorhomes and RVs, making it an excellent place to explore and find the perfect vehicle for your needs. They also provide full servicing, ensuring your vehicle remains in peak condition for your travels.  You can also get parts, help and advice all about your new, or well seasoned camper or caravan at the Townsville showroom.

Now that you have all the right information at your disposal, it’s time to hit the road for the ultimate caravan Townsville adventure.


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