Selling? Here’s 3 Offer Killers at the Open Home

selling a home in Queensland, couple has low street appeal

If you are looking to enhance your open home in Queensland, here are a few key factors to consider. Attention to detail can make all the difference in securing a successful sale. Beyond mere aesthetics, property maintenance and DIY renovations can significantly impact potential buyers’ perceptions and offers. Here’s a closer look at three crucial factors in selling a home in Queensland to consider.


1. Property maintenance and street appeal

We all know how important first impressions are. The appearance and feel of a property play a crucial role in shaping how a buyer looks at your home. A neglected property with an unloved and unkept front yard, at first glance, may raise concerns about hidden maintenance costs and general quality which could in turn lead to reduced offers.


There’s nothing more worrying than doing a pre-purchase building inspection on a home that’s been neglected. Long-term poor-quality rentals are the biggest risk and the buyer will be scared of potential costs of small problems left to become big problems” said Andrew Mackintosh, Building Inspector Brisbane.


Investing in regular maintenance and presenting a well-maintained exterior can instil confidence in buyers, signalling a safer investment opportunity and potentially increasing the property’s market value.


2. Efficient drainage systems

You’d be surprised how many people, during open homes, check the functionality of taps and drainage systems. Slow drainage can indicate underlying plumbing issues leading to concerns about costly repairs.


Like electrical, buyers fear shoddy plumbing because it’s expensive to fix. Just getting a plumber out to do some maintenance on your drains could prevent lowball offers at your open home.  It’s an important investment, not a cost” said John Salmon, Salmon Plumbers Brisbane.


Investing in professional plumbing maintenance, even before listing your property, can demonstrate a commitment to quality and alleviate buyer apprehensions.


3. Quality of DIY renovations

It is so appealing to partake in a range of DIY renovations, especially for cost-conscious homeowners, however, be forwarded that they can pose risks if not executed properly, particularly when it comes to plumbing.


Water damage is a nightmare for homeowners. Poor plumbing coupled with shoddy waterproofing can rot the home from the inside out and the cost of repairing long-term water damage is phenomenal.  It’s not just a plumber and a builder, it can be electrical work and even complete rebuilds.  Bathrooms and wet areas should never be renovated by a novice, no matter how many TikTok videos you’ve watched.” Said Joe Rantino, Emergency Plumber.


By investing in quality renovations performed by experienced professionals, you can safeguard against future problems and present a more desirable property to potential buyers.

Selling at an Open Home

Enhancing your open home experience goes beyond mere presentation—it involves addressing fundamental aspects such as maintenance, drainage, and renovation quality. Prioritise your choices, and pave the way to attract confident buyers, which can ultimately maximize the value of your property sale.


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