Moved to Queensland? What is Living in Your Walls Right Now?

Queensland is famous for its pest problems. Here's what you can expect when you buy here!

By Keith Jacobs, Pest Expert

Have you moved to Queensland and suspect you have some unwanted house guests? Queensland’s warm, hospitable climate attracts the most unwelcome of visitors – bugs, ants, rodents, snakes and spiders. So, there’s every chance you’ve got a creepy crawly infestation.  Yep, Queensland bugs, snakes and rodents are famously visible.  We won’t even talk about the toads.

From the Pest Expert:  Queensland’s absolutely unlike anywhere else for gribblies and rodents.  I have heard it described as one plague after another, from fruit fly infestations thanks to the great tropical food, ants thanks to the humidity, to bed bugs via the tourist industry.  It’s a perfect storm for insects and rodents.  In my decade of eradicating these problems, my best tip is to keep them out.  Once they’re in, eradication can take time as a lot of these pests have complex breeding cycles.  Keeping them out means sealing your home property, making sure you’ve got ant caps and well-sealed plumbing.  If you’re buying a property in Queensland, take the time to get the pest barriers sorted right at the start.

So what’s in the walls, the ceiling or the yard?

Snakes and spiders get the most attention because so many people fear them.  Queensland is home to some very deadly snakes and spiders but the vast majority are harmless, and in fact, love to snack on the pests you don’t want around.  Spiders will help you control cockroaches, ants and flying insects.  Snakes have you covered for rodents.  If it’s not dangerous, you’ll be better off with spiders and snakes than without.

Ants and cockroaches

The most common invasive Queensland bugs are ants and cockies.  Ant and cockroach infestation are very common in Brisbane. Ant ‘dust’ can be found around small holes in floors, walls and ceilings. It’s finer than termite dust but should be investigated immediately. Cockroaches are easy to identify as they’re large, flying beasties and are attracted to light. They poop in damp areas and around food storage areas or bins.

Dreaded bed bugs

Bed bugs are among the hardest pest to eradicate and usually arrive with house guests who have stayed in an infested hotel. You’ll notice small, itchy and inflamed bites on your upper body. Similarly, flea bites are small and itchy, and fleas are hard to spot. A flea infestation will spread to your carpet and other soft furnishings.


For property investors, this is the big one to watch out for in Queensland. Termites love our famous timber homes and humidity. If you have mud-like tubes, bubbles, sags or lumps around cracks or holes in your walls or floors, get a building and pest inspector in BEFORE you sign off on the new property.  If it’s too late, talk to a pest control specialist. We also recommend getting a builder in to make sure the damage isn’t structural.  However, you might not even know if you have termites. So, regular termite treatments are the best way to avoid massive damage bills.

Invasive Queensland Bugs

The plain truth of it all is that Queensland is famous for it’s bugs.  And not the Moreton Bay type you do under the grill with a little creamy sauce…  Queensland bugs include all kinds of pests, but the invasive ones, the ones that settle in your walls and ceiling, are most likely to cause you the biggest problems long term.  You can’t cut corners on pest control in Queensland – it’s just too big a job!






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