Off Road in Outback Queensland – Where to Get Dirty

Offroad Tracks in Bladensberg National Park near Winton Outback QUeensland

You truly haven’t experienced the best of the Sunshine State until you’ve tackled Queensland Off-Road. Sure, the upcoming Brisbane Olympics have the world fixating on our expanding River City, but little do they know that the 4WD Tracks, Queensland has on offer are where the real action is! From cruising through shady forest tracks to ripping it up on dusty outback adventure trails, the Queensland landscape offers challenges aplenty for driving enthusiasts.

Expert tip:  We’ve been exploring 4WD tracks for decades and the one thing that is always true, regardless of the track, stuff can go wrong in Queensland. What seems like a pretty safe and easy drive can turn to an emergency too easily. Always research before you head out and take proper precautions and supplies.

If you’re seeking remote locations boasting rugged terrain and plenty of surprises along the way, read on as we navigate you through some of the best Outback 4WD tracks to get dirty.  Queensland caravan enthusiasts please note, you’ll need full offroad camping capabilities to take the van.  These roads are generally unsuitable for towing, you’ll need to do your research!

The Munga Thirri National Park outback track

Off Road Tracks outside Birdsville in Queensland

Head out far west of Queensland’s remote Outback, about 79km west of Birdsville, to get a taste of desert driving surrounded by the world’s largest parallel red sand dunes, grey-green cane grass and endless clear blue skies. This country belongs to the Wangkangurru and Yarluyandi people and beware, sand driving experience is essential.

Within Munga Thirri, Queensland’s largest national park, there are tracks such as the QAA Line and Rig Road that were made by surveyors searching for gas and oil in the 1960s. The journey takes about 5-6 hours to drive one way, so it’s recommended that you schedule in an overnight stay. Keep in mind, Munga-Thirri National Park is closed from 1 December to 15 March each year due to extreme summer temperatures that can exceed 50°C.

Explore Queensland off road at Carnarvon Gorge and Mount Moffatt

Carnarvon Gorge and Mount Moffatt Off Road Tracks

Hitting the road for some rough and ready 4WD Queensland action doesn’t get much wilder than a visit to Carnarvon National Park’s 4WD-only area at Mount Moffat.  Note that you will require an off-road camper if you plan to tow. Sandstone cliffs and naturally carved monuments lead up to the Great Dividing Range, amongst grassy woodlands and the flowing Maranoa River. This area is also a place rich in human history featuring some of the most significant Aboriginal rock art in the Central Highlands—and indeed the world with works dating back for at least 19,000 years. Aboriginal people of the Bidjara and Nuri groups lived in this area, and it is believed Mundagudtha, the Rainbow Serpent, created the Maranoa river during a severe drought, when water from a big spring carved the winding river bed from the land.

To make the most of your Queensland off road adventure, we recommend that you take the Mount Moffatt circuit drive to visit many of the park’s main features including Marlong Arch, the Kookaburra Cave and Lots Wife. From there, continue onto High Country Drive and Kenniff Drive to explore the well-known haunt of two notorious bushrangers, the Kenniff brothers. A trip within the park can easily total more than 100km, so make sure that you have plenty of fuel.

Bladensburg National Park, one of the best 4WD tracks in Queensland


Offroad Tracks in Bladensberg National Park near Winton Outback QUeensland

Image:  Experience Winton

If you are hunting for a remote outback track, Scrammy Drive, a 40km return trip that takes between 2-4 hours to complete is for you. Bladensburg National Park, just south of Winton, is the traditional country of the Koa people, and the Maiawali and Karuwali people also have strong associations with this landscape.

Bladensburg National Park features 84,900ha of craggy outlooks and plains with unique birdlife, plants and animals. Boasting impressive flat-topped plateaus and residual sandstone ranges you are going to feel blissfully isolated in the best way. Kick off the fun with a scenic drive through grasslands and channels before giving your 4WD free reign to climb the jump-up to Scrammy Gorge for spectacular views.

You can then take the Route of the River Gums drive and visit the stony Top Crossing, once used by horse-drawn wagons. The night skies are amazing so make sure you spend time stargazing. From Winton head south towards Lark Quarry Road, turning left after 8km along the Route of the River Gum. At the junction 7km further along, turn left to Bladensburg homestead (5km) and Scrammy Drive.

Winton has several great spots where you can stop for the night with tents and caravans. Queensland outback tracks are best enjoyed when you come prepared for all conditions which may include needing to stop for a day or two due to the weather.

Off Road in Outback Queensland – the options are endless!

This is just a taste of the best 4WD tracks Queensland has on offer. We highly recommend that you read up on the Leave No Trace principles before you head off on your 4WD adventure and take special care of our beautiful outback for future generations.


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