North Queensland Hiring Now: Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Hughenden, Torrens Creek, Prairie, Charters Towers

Outback Queensland Jobs - Move to Queensland for Work

By Ben Klatt, Upskilling and Regional Jobs Specialist.  Ben’s career has seen him work through issues of regional skills shortages and education to meet the state’s needs for over two decades. He’s a vocal advocate for vocational training to ensure the future of all Queensland locations.

It’s not called the Sunshine State for nothing.  Queensland’s North West enjoys a whopping 320 days of pure, bright sunshine every year. The Queensland Government’s renewable North Queensland Superhub aims to produce clean energy from wind, solar and hydrogen is underway but hitting roadblocks with skilled workers.  With the overall renewable energy sector expected to create 100,000 jobs in the next two decades, it’s a good time to get studying for future opportunities.

North Queensland Super Hub Jobs

North West and Nort Central Queensland is hiring now.   With jobs available from Mt Isa across to Townsville, Queenslanders are invited to flee the ever-rising costs and housing shortages of the South East and head north, and west. Gladstone too is facing an incoming worker crisis.

Sustainable Energy Workers Needed

The sustainable energy projects require skilled, semi-skilled and low-skilled workers across many of Australia’s regions. If you’re looking for work, there is plenty on the horizon!


Green Energy Manufacturing Centre in Gladstone is an electrolyzer factory producing hydrogen.  Learn more about moving to Gladstone.


Kennedy Energy Park is a hybrid wind, solar and storage project underway near Hughenden.


The Wongalee Project is a 1000-megawatt wind farm and the nearby Prairie Windfarm is a 800-megawatt project.  Construction is due to start in the next two years and will require 240 workers.

Cloncurry, Julia Creek, Torrens Creek, Charter’s Towers

To support the new superhub, electrical infrastructure will be upgraded between Mt Isa and Townsville, creating hundreds of jobs along the A6 route.  The area faces a potential labor crisis as project managers struggle to recruit skilled technicians, laborers and infrastructure experts.  Learn more about moving to Julia Creek and Cloncurry.

Moving to Queensland for Work?

What do you need to know about moving to Queensland for work?  Coming from abroad?  Well, these jobs are inland, not along the heavily populated coastline or the bustling south east.  That doesn’t mean they’re isolated.  The A6 route is a major artery for traffic and tourism and towns along the way offer plenty of access to mod cons for workers.  Cloncurry in particular, is a mineral-rich beauty, an oasis of greenery on a river, with tons of breathtaking views and some world-famous curries.  If you’re moving to Queensland to live, to work or to satisfy your working holiday visa, check out Outback Queensland to get some insight into this beautiful part of Queensland.


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